"The painting seems to feed and fuel the stained glass work and vice versa. Life is good!" -- Leone McNeil, Artists of the Mendocino Coast, VOL 2
Leone McNeil's early training was as an Art Major at U.C.L.A., where she earned a B.E. degree in art. After raising three children, she attended a four year program at Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA. There she received a B.A. and an M.F.A. degree, her thesis project being in fused glass. 

During the past thirty five years, Leone McNeil has continued her studies in glass at the Pilchuck and through workshops with Ludwig Schaffrath, Johannes Schreiter, Patrick Reyntiens, Brian Clarke and the late Roger Darricarrere as well as traveling extensively in many parts of the world, focusing on art in general and stained glass in particular.

Commissioned works for new and existing architecture have been created over the past thirty five years for church and residential spaces by Leone McNeil. Great consideration is given to sensitive integration of architecture and interior design, as well as the ambience created by the personalities occupying the space.

In the harmonious relationship between architecture, interior design, and stained glass, a sensitive balance is the key to success. Always keeping that balance in mind, Leone designs and constructs panels, windows, doors and domes for residential, commercial and church buildings. Committed to excellence, Leone is a member of the Interfaith Forum for Religious Art and Architecture, Christians in the Visual Arts, and the Art Glass Suppliers Association. 

The breath of public and professional recognition and admiration of Leone McNeil's glass works has grown with each decade. In spaces liturgical and secular, public and private, her works of timeless beauty are enriching the human experience.

Painting has been a life long delight to which Leone McNeil has returned with a passion. Leone McNeil's glass works and paintings share exploration and celebration of rich color harmonies and spatial elegance brought into union in ways that enliven the spirit and enable reflection.

PHOTO: © 2008 Larry R. Wagner